Harmful Park

Somewhat of a cult classic, Harmful Park is a charming and fun cute 'em up in the vein of Parodius. Though it's not particularly hard, the game keeps things interesting by equiping you with an assortment of really creative weapons like cupcakes, pies, candy peams, and jelly boomerangs --- all of which can be switched between at will and have their own power-up progressions. On top of this, the stage and enemies a humorous and varied. Many enemies are word puns brought to life, a reference to cultural touchstones, or all together weird out madness.

If you're looking for a fun, co-op, shoot-em-up game that is fun to look at, and won't make you break your controller of hang head in despair, then you can't go wrong with Harmful Park.

Aside from all the shooting action, Harmful Park also includes some suprisingly fun minigames that can provide you and a buddy a good fun outlet inbetween shooting sessions.

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