Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition

A 2D fighting game from French Bread, Ecole Software, and SEGA featuring characters primarily from Degeki Bunko inmprint. Each player picks a character and an assist to use and "blast" character to use for combo extensions, attack buffs, or health restoration. Combos are easy execution, either progressing an an A > B > C > Impact/Special > EX Special > Super, though there are also auto combos by hitting A > A > A etc. You can cancel specials and some moves into assists, which opens up opportunities for combo extensions

Only the first iteration of this game was released in English-speaking territories, though a fan translation exists for the PS3 version. Being from the French Bread team, DBFCI features great art and animation as well as a good soundtrack. Though it is very easily to make flashy and cool things happen, there is hidden depth that may take a bit of study to unpack. Personally, I'm still learning how everything works.

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